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GTTC Instructors

Pictured at the TCC Courts before  the annual year end luncheon August 2018. Cliff Girard, Joe Michno, Matt Henkel, Larry Nykerk, Andy Columbo, Michael Meindertsma, Ben Michno, Leah Potter, Sophie Jackson, and Lisa Seymour

Larry Nykerk, USPTR has been teaching  tennis in Traverse City since, well, let's just say a LONG TIME! Larry is 1st in the State with total Career Victories of 1050 wins.   Nykerk was named Michigan Tennis Coach of the year three times and was inducted into the Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame in 1999. Larry is a hands on Director and is present at Camp all summer long. "Fundraising" is also an important part of his job description. The Tennis Center at TC Central High School is one of only a handful of facilities in the State like it. Over $500,000 has been raised through Grants and Private donations and the tradition continues each year with the Annual "Friends of TC Tennis Tournament" held each year on Memorial Day weekend. The Mission of the "Friends" is to help maintain the courts at Traverse City Central.

Mr. G is in his 36th year with GTTC. Cliff Girard is fondly called Mr. G by everyone.  Cliff is the former East Middle School Phys Ed Teacher and tennis coach. He is a former college player; a former basketball coach; a former St. Francis Golf coach and all around great athlete! Cliff received the Distinguished Service Award from the MHSteCA in 1999 for the years he spent helping at State Finals. Cliff teaches a Ladies tennis class at the Resort and we are happy every year to welcome him back! 

Lisa Seymour is a veteran of 12+ years with GTTC and she has taught Ten and Under tennis at GTR for years. Lisa is a former JV coach at Central and is the Varsity Girls coach at West. We are happy to have Lisa back!

Ivy, Phoebe & Wren Walker, Natalie Bourdo,